The ButtonPress Studios Team

Founder and CEO

Brandon Calabrese

Hello! As the Founder and CEO of ButtonPress Studios, I aim to inspire a generation of gamers with unique and fun experiences through our games. I have been coding since age 11, and am self-taught in 8 programming languages. In 2010 Minecraft inspired me to pursue the path of game development, and I have since created a game engine, several games, 3 websites, countless desktop apps, and an AI that may or may not take over the world.


Some other fun facts: I am a YouTube Content Creator, a Black Belt in Taekwondo, an Eagle Scout, a workaholic and entrepreneur, and a Computer Science undergrad at Rochester Institute of Technology.



Lives in a compiler, well equipped in “C-HashTag” and Java. Big science fan, I create small utilities for C#, they are available on my webpage. I also like to make games, from GDI+ to XNA/MonoGame I love it all.

Interns (Awesome!)

[DEV] phstack

Hello, I’m phstack! I love programming, gaming, longboarding and I occasionally play the piano. Also, I’m a soon-to-be Computer Science and Engineering student!

[DEV] LucidSigma

Hello! I am a University student and programming aficionado. I spend most of my free time coding stuff, doing calculus for fun and grinding through the many years of university.

[STRY] Venellian

Hi! I am a creative story writer with a penchant for logic and a willingness to explore unheard of or downright unknown topics for the sake of a story.

[MUSC] pigun

Hi! I’m a nerd who likes making music. I use a lot of weird chords because I’m a weird person. This is why you might hear some cool music with nice ‘𝕒 𝕖 𝕤 𝕥 𝕙 𝕖 𝕥 𝕚 𝕔’. I play ukulele and violin too, if that interests you.

[ART] Ally

I am one of the Community Managers for the ButtonPress discord and an artist! Art is my strongest passion and serving as an intern is a great opportunity! :smile:

[ART] August

I’m August, a creative artist. My head is filled to the brim with Quirky ideas and a love for the ocean and the stars. They usually make it into my sketchbook, unless first escaping into my dreams at night.

[DEV] Playwise

No description yet 😛

Could Be YOU!

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Community Managers

[MOD] Ethan

Hi, I’m Ethan! I am one of the Community Managers for the discord channel! I specialize in website development, and am fluent in HTML and CSS. I am also learning C++ and “C hashtag”(C#)

[MOD] Vault

oh! I didn’t see you there! Hoi guys, my name is Vault! I’m a content creator on Twitch and also moderate the ButtonPress Studios Lounge Discord. Any comments or questions, @me or DM me on discord

[MOD] Lynsey

Hey, I’m Lynsey. I’m a helpful community manager that will be here to help any community members with anything! Please feel free to contact me if you need support!

[MOD] Trevor

Hiya! I’m Trevor, a content creator and a moderator on the ThirtyVirus Bot Net and ButtonPress Studios Lounge Discord channels. Feel free to come to me for any questions, comments and concerns :smiley: