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RPGamesEngine Alpha 2.0 in Development!

RPGamesEngine Alpha 2.0 is an upcoming update with the goal of making the first playable demos available to for members of the Beta Tester Program. This version has been in active development since April of 2018, and is aimed to be released sometime in August 2018. This update involves a complete rewrite of the engine in C#, compared to Alpha 1.7 being made in VB. As a result, the update took MUCH longer than any previous version, and most future versions. When 2.0 is released, an update video will be uploaded to the ThirtyVirus YouTube Channel.

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Work on the new ButtonPress Website will be starting next week, and starting in August monthly RPGamesEngine update videos will be coming back 😯

To anyone wondering (before Hytale / Hypixel SB) why I got so few views for my subs, here's why. Only 20% of my subs even get notifications. That means 47,000 people are left in the dark. I applaud @TeamYouTube for the transparency but more needs to be done to up sub interaction.

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