Apply For ButtonPress Staff

Do you want to join the team? The image above is a link to the official ButtonPress staff application! The form provides the means to apply for a serious (paid) staff position, or an (unpaid) intern spot with no serious obligations but all the appreciation!


For the maximum chance of acceptance, it is recommended that you have some previous experience in your respective field, whether it be programming, digital art, music, story writing, etc… Additionally we suggest applying for Intern first, then spending some time working for the company and giving the staff an idea of your skillset, then applying again for a staff position.


If you just want to have something fun to do without getting involved in any legal shenanigans, you should apply for intern! You get the chance to work with the team and leave your mark on some games. Of course credit will be given for any work you do 😀

Hiring and Payment Policy

1. Applicants under the age of 18 may only apply for intern positions.

2. Applicants must speak fluent English.

3. Applicants must be available for communication through the ButtonPress Studios Lounge Discord Channel.

4. Applicants must respect their peers.

5. Payment Policy WIP : must wait until LLC is finished being established.