Ongoing ButtonPress Projects

RPGames Engine

The RPGames Engine is a 2D Role Playing Game (RPG) making tool that aims to allow anyone to turn their ideas into fully playable games, regardless of experience. The simple User Interface and extensive functionality provides a no-fret, multi-platform game development experience.  You can track the progress of the project on YouTube here.


If you would like to support my continued work on this Game Engine (Brandon Writing), please consider Becoming a Patron. Your support allows me to keep working on the project (rather than some other job), and entitles you to unique rewards! These include Beta Access, Game Copies, Special Discord Roles, and even a “Thank You” in game credits!


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Project Immortal

Project Immortal is the code name for the first ever project to be made in the RPGames Engine. In this classic tale, a young man gains immortality, and is forced to leave his friends and family behind as he searches for meaning in a life that never ends. 

This is a universe where you have the power to shape the history of the world. Opportunities frequently arise where you are given a choice, and how you react can drastically change future events. As the first Project to be released by ButtonPress Studios, it is very important that we hit the mark. Make sure to join the Lounge Discord if you have any suggestions or ideas for game features, story elements, music, etc…

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Planned ButtonPress Projects


This is planned to be a turn-based strategy game all about making it through college in the most comical way possible. Players will be able to pick from a list of different students (a nerd, jock, gamer, popular kid, etc…) and guide them through university while fighting their reckless tendencies.


Sometimes your student will mess up pretty bad, and you’ll have to get them out of the bad situation. (Ex. gamer plays all night and sleeps in through exam)


Each turn would skip 1 week, and a semester would be 15 – 16 weeks. Between semesters a mini-game all about rushing for admission will be played. Different degrees would represent different difficulties (Associates = easy, Bachelors = normal, dual major or masters = hard, etc…). 

Steer The World

This is planned to be a web-app all about getting the public’s opinion on pressing issues. Users will be able to vote on stances in controversial topics, then see where they stand compared to other users. This app will serve as a way to educate users on politics and (potentially) help solve such issues with the highest rated solutions presented by users.


The most commonly typed words will be highlighted in the sea of responses to show users  what the general population feels about a given issue from either side of the argument. Multiple similar responses can be combined to form a general consensus by the userbase.